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Psychedelic Spotlight

Psychedelics are creating a wellness revolution and an industry with unprecedented opportunity.

Our mission is to cover the latest stories in the emerging psychedelics industry including breakthrough discoveries, investor news and cultural reform, to develop a powerful and intuitive network for collaboration with industry leaders, researchers and investors who are transcending the way the world regards what is possible in mental health, the mind and human consciousness.


Psychedelics 411


What are psychedelics? A commonly asked question deserves common answers, and here we do our best to provide readers with a succinct overview of the definitions, history, uses and ongoing medicinal studies of various substances, some of which have recently been labeled by the FDA as breakthrough therapies, which is expediting scientific review and paving the way to successful treatments for intractable ailments.

Medical uses and psychedelic research

The journey of psychedelics as medicine is a storied one that spans centuries. Western scientists began re-discovering psychedelics in the early to mid 20th century, commencing a significant amount research and interest in its therapeutic effect for treating mental health conditions. However, due to misuse and abuse, the federal government classified psychedelics as illicit Schedule I drugs in 1970, which outlawed research for decades. In 2000, Johns Hopkins University commissioned a psilocybin study, led by Dr. Roland Griffiths, which in 2006, revealed the benefits of psychedelic usage in his peer-reviewed article published in the journal Psychopharmacology. Dr. Griffiths' study was monumental because it allowed psychedelics, backed by scientific evidence, to emerge as a respected treatment for various cognitive and physical disorders.

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Psychedelic industry growth

Current research initiatives continue providing scientific evidence and hope for tens of millions around the globe that medicinal psychedelics appear to be an effective treatment for mental conditions, which have long been labeled by the FDA as treatment-resistant diseases. A handful of companies in collaboration with world-renowned research institutions are at the forefront of making this global health transformation a reality and creating an industry of unprecedented opportunities in the process.

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