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The recent surge of hope and promise related to the health benefits of psychedelics are now rooted in scientific empirical evidence, proving that psychedelics are emerging as a respectable treatment for various cognitive and physical disorders that were once thought to be intractable. The highly anticipated results of these ongoing studies will articulate and illustrate the science of psychedelics’ effects on the brain, which are expected to validate what’s been surmised for centuries, that psychedelics have a profound effect on mental health and possesses the potential to elevate human consciousness.

A typical experience with psychedelics takes the patient or consumer on a type of mental journey filled with introspection and interpersonal revelations that have been described by common traits, such as ego dissolving, happiness, and the renewed sense of a meaningful connectedness to all things to impel compassion, empathy and peace.

Psychedelics are gaining an immense amount of attention as a medical modality, and its cultural landscape will surely evolve as well by attracting widespread community interest from patients and consumers to investors and regulators, alike.

Although the use and possession of psychedelics have been decriminalized in multiple jurisdictions in the U.S. and abroad, these substances remain classified as Schedule I drugs in the U.S. and illegal in many countries around the world. While illicit activity is discouraged, we hope that the decision to use psychedelics in an unsanctioned manner is made only after careful analysis has developed a clear understanding of the risks and responsible practices in doing so.  

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