Psychedelics in the news

Psychedelics will create new modalities in medicine, society and public markets

FDA approved studies are yielding transformative results for psychedelics as medicine to treat a wide range of mental and physical health conditions. Within the last couple of years, the prospect of cures for treatment-resistant diseases, such as major depression, PTSD, and addiction, is racing toward reality with a handful of pioneering companies and world class universities leading the charge.

The movement is creating tremendous promise for people suffering with these debilitating diseases and a deep sense of accomplishment for those who have long sought to include psychedelics in scientific consideration as a viable treatment modality.

While psychedelics are expected to heal tens of millions globally and transcend the way we think about the mind and human consciousness, it is also creating unprecedented investment opportunities with the first IPOs happening earlier this year, and jurisdictions around the country are moving to decriminalize use and possession.

Our News section will keep readers informed with all of the latest industry updates with regard to research progress, investor news and cultural reform.

Report on Psychedelics

Briefing June 29th: Techy Trips and Military Spending

Psychedelic Reform

Majority of Canadians Support Access to Psilocybin; Psyc Firms Embrace Tech For Personalized Treatment; US Military Invests in Psychedelic Research

July 3, 2020
Report on Psychedelics

People Should Have the Fundamental Right To Change Their Consciousness

Psychedelic Reform

Rick Doblin, a leading force in America's psychedelic renaissance, imagines a world of "mass mental health" facilitated by formerly demonized drugs.

June 30, 2020
Nick Gillespie
Psychedelic Times

Veteran Navy SEAL Advocates for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy: Interview with Marcus and Amber Capone of VETS

Psychedelic Reform

Marcus Capone, former Navy Seal, and wife, Amber, founded Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS), a nonprofit that is partnered with MAPS

June 30, 2020
Wesley Thoricatha
John Kehoe

Military Invests $27M To Develop New Class Of Psychedelics-Inspired Drugs

Science & Research

International team is researching and developing new class of drugs with fast-acting mental health benefits as psychedelics without effects of full-blown trip.

June 30, 2020
Ben Adlin

MindMed building diverse pipeline and leadership position in psychedelic inspired medicines industry

Investor News

Mind Medicine Inc has said it is “rapidly advancing” its drug development pipeline and research activities since being publicly listed on March 3 this year.

June 29, 2020
Uttara Choudhury

Breakthrough psilocybin study uncovers neurochemical origins of human ego

Science & Research

New research asks, how does psilocybin create a feeling of ego dissolution, and what chemicals in the brain create our subjective sense of self?

June 29, 2020
Rich Haridy
Jay Vollmar

Psilocybin Initiative Qualifies For November Ballot, Backers Say

Psychedelic Reform

Therapeutic psilocybin initiative will give Oregonians a chance to make it the first state in the country to legalize psychedelic mushrooms in clinical settings

June 29, 2020
Elon Glucklich
Neuroscience News

ATAI dives into digital therapeutics to boost mental health care

Investor News

The use of biomarkers to help doctors tailor doses for patients and improve treatment, while remote monitoring could widen access to psychedelics treatment.

June 25, 2020
Amirah Al Idrus